Do you have a document that you need translated in Spanish or English? Maybe a technical manual that you need your employees to fully understand in their mother tongue? Or an interesting blog post which you would like to reach a wider audience? You may want to translate email communications with a potential client in your mother tongue.

I can get your message across the way you want it, by developing client-approved glossaries and style guides in order to preserve your brand's identity. I also work with translation memories so that my translations are consistent each time, and your brand's message is always cohesive and coherent. There are tons of documents I can help you with, such as technical documentation, corporate communications, marketing and promotional content, meeting debriefs, and more.

I also manage several formats. If you are unsure, just contact me.


Your website is key to your brand's success. It is the fastest way to engage with your target audiences, increase sales, keep existing clients, and attract new ones. 62.4% of website content is in English, but only 25.9% of Internet users are English speakers. Addressing your target audience in their native language will definitely have a positive impact on sales and on brand positioning in international markets.

Did you know that 66% of consumers exit e-commerce websites when content is not available in their native language?

For instance, currently, there are as much as 41 million native Spanish speakers in the US. You can see now why having your website translated and localized -adapted to a specific country or region- in Spanish is a good idea in order to get into such a huge and profitable market.


Since mobile app stores are global, the next person to download your app could be located anywhere. Having your mobile apps and software translated by professional translators is a fast and reliable way to increase downloads and in-app purchases since most Apple and Play Store users are non-English speakers.

My services include:

  • Translation and adaptation of the user interface.

  • Translation of resource files (.xml), graphics and images.

  • Full translation of the app’s website.

  • Translation of the app store description: Google Play, App Store and Windows Store.

Translation of online documentation (help files, Read Me files, etc.), technical documentation (quick start guide, user manuals, etc.), marketing documentation and advertising material, and business and legal documentation (licensing contracts, agreements, etc.).


Marketing is a key aspect to making your brand global. It is not just about advertising, product descriptions and sales letters. The marketing content is equally important, so precise, well-thought and well-written content is key to increasing revenues and establishing a strong international presence and reputation. Marketing translation will strengthen a brand’s identity on a global scale, while preserving its uniqueness in each market. Some include:

  • Promotional materials

  • Brochures

  • Campaigns

  • Newsletters

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